White Lithium Grease for Door Hinges? Keep in Top Conditions (2023 – 2024)

Door hinges are one of the most crucial components of any home. Even if you’re just getting started with your home improvement, it’s important to have reliable open-air doors so that you can enjoy the fresh air when you walk into your house.

If your doors aren’t working properly, it can result in noise from outside when you walk into your home. The best way to avoid problems is to check if there are any problems with your existing doors and replace them with new ones.

If not, do you want to make sure that your door hinges last as long as possible without having to replace them? Then it might be worth considering white lithium grease. You’ll need to do a little research before you purchase this product, though.

What is White Lithium Grease?

White lithium grease is a type of grease that is often used to lubricate door hinges on exterior doors. White lithium grease typically contains a lithium soap base. This provides protection against rust and corrosion besides lubrication. It’s also used for a wide range of other components in your home, including garage doors, door locks, drawer slides, and windows.

Because the hinges are outside your house, they’re more prone to rust and corrosion than interior door hinges, which are often made out of brass or stainless steel. White lithium grease helps to protect against corrosion and extend the lifespan of your door hinges so they can function properly for years to come.

This type of grease is an excellent choice for outdoor applications, due to its water resistance.

Best Lubricants for Door Hinges

Best Overall
WD-40 Specialist Dry Lube with SMART STRAW

  • Corrosion Protection
  • Reduces Friction and Wear
  • Wood, Metal, and most Plastics
Best Overall
Lucas Oil 10533 White Lithium Grease

  • Metals, High Presssure Contacts
  • Door Hinges, Ball Bearings, Springs etc.
  • Non-Conductive
Best Overall
Door-Ease Lubricant, Stick

  • Stop Squeaking and Sticking
  • Metal, Wood, Plastic, Rubber, Glass etc.
  • Weatherproof

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Can you Use White Lithium Grease for Door Hinges?

We all know how important it is to keep our door hinges well-oiled and operational. But what kind of lubricant should you use? Is it okay to use white lithium grease for door hinges?

You can use white lithium grease on your door hinges, but not all door hinges are made to accommodate this greasing method. If you have steel door hinges that feature a split roller design, you can apply grease to help prevent corrosion, but you should avoid applying grease to ball-bearing and pivot hinges, as it could cause these components to become sticky and make it difficult to open and close the door.

If you’re unsure whether your hinges can accommodate grease, you can always ask the hardware store employee who helps you find the right grease for your application. If you’re having the grease applied by a professional, make sure that they know which hinges should be greased and which ones shouldn’t.

Just be sure to use a light coat as too much can actually make your hinges sticky and difficult to operate. Apply the lubricant sparingly and wipe away any excess with a clean, dry cloth.

Is White Lithium Grease good for Timber Doors?

White lithium grease is an excellent choice for use on timber doors since it repels water and helps to protect against corrosion. Be sure to wipe down the hinges before applying the grease to prevent it from pooling or dripping onto the door, since this could cause the wood to warp or rot.

Once the grease is applied, you can expect it to repel water for about five years before you need to reapply it. White lithium grease is also a great choice for use on garage doors, track systems, and other parts that are prone to corrosion. Applying grease to these components can help to reduce the risk of damage and make them easier to open and close.

What about Aluminium Doors?

Yes, white lithium grease is a great choice for use on aluminium doors too. Before you apply the grease, make sure that the hinges have no dirt or grime that could prevent it from adhering to the metal.

If the hinges are dirty, wipe them down with a cloth or sponge before you apply the grease to ensure that it adheres properly. You can apply white lithium grease to the door hinges and other moving components on the doors to help prevent corrosion and extend the lifespan of the parts so they can continue to function properly for years to come.

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How to Apply White Lithium Grease For Door Hinges?

To apply white lithium grease to your door hinges, simply remove the hinge pin that holds the door hinge in place and coat the pivot point with a generous amount of grease. Then, replace the pin and re-install the hinge, making sure you align the door properly before you put the pin back in place.

You may need to tighten the hinge pin if it becomes loose after you insert it, so be sure to check for any loose parts on your door hinges before closing or locking the door so that it doesn’t get stuck. If your door still doesn’t shut properly, you may need to repeat the process and add more grease before you try closing the door again.

When you’re done applying white lithium grease to your door hinges, make sure you don’t let the excess grease drip onto your door or wipe it off with a cloth or paper towel, as this could leave behind residue and cause the door to get dirty. If you notice that the door is getting dirty, you can clean it with soap and water or a mild cleaning agent, but make sure that you don’t use anything abrasive that could damage the door.

Which Door Hinges Should I Have White Lithium Grease Applied To?

Once you’ve determined which door hinges could benefit most from white lithium grease, you should apply the grease to all of them. It doesn’t matter if your other hinges are made of brass or stainless steel, since white lithium grease is safe for use on both of these metal types. You can also apply the grease to all of your garage door rollers and the track that runs along the bottom of your door, which will help to extend their lifespan and make them easier to roll. Garage doors can be prone to corrosion, particularly in harsh climates, and applying white lithium grease to the rollers can help to reduce the risk of damage.

 Re-lubricating Sliding Door Tracks that are Foul with Tarnish and Hard Water Deposits?

If you’re trying to open your door, but it’s stuck. You pull harder, and finally, it gives way but then you see the damage. Tarnish and hard water deposits have built up on your door hinges, making them difficult to move.

So, what can you do to fix this problem? One option is to use white lithium grease. This type of grease is designed to lubricate metal surfaces and can help break up the deposits that are preventing your door from opening smoothly.

Of course, you don’t want to overdo it as too much grease can attract dirt and dust, which can make the problem even worse. A little bit of lithium grease goes a long way, so start with a small amount and add more if needed.

If you don’t have any white lithium grease on hand, you can also try WD-40 or another type of lubricant. Just be sure to use something that won’t damage the finish on your door hinges. And if the problem persists, you may need to replace the hinges entirely.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is White lithium grease good for door hinges?

White Lithium Grease is an ideal solution for reducing friction on metal surfaces since it provides long-term lubrication without dripping or running. Using white lithium grease on doors is one of the best uses for it.

2. Does white lithium grease get hard?

Despite extreme heat, white lithium grease maintains its lubricating and viscosity properties. Water or evaporation cannot penetrate and it won’t harden or deteriorate under pressure.

3. Is White lithium grease good for metal?

The white lithium grease adheres well to metal and is perfect for lubricating metals.

4. What kind of grease do you use on door hinges?

It is best to use silicone spray or lithium grease to lubricate squeaky door hinges. Since silicon spray is cheaper, easier to apply, and potentially less messy than lithium grease, it wins for us.

5. What is white lithium grease best for?

In addition to long-term lubrication and vertical applications, White Lithium Grease also prevents water ingress. Additionally, it can be used to lubricate bearings, pistons, and camshafts during break-in. Door hinges are another notable application.

6. Is white lithium grease better than regular grease?

Sodium-based greases, on the other hand, are better at covering high temperatures, but not as good at repelling water. The industry quickly adopted lithium greases as the most popular multipurpose greases after lithium greases were discovered to be superior to calcium and sodium greases.

7. Does white lithium grease wash off?

White Lithium Grease reduces friction, extending its life. It allows lubrication without melting, running, washing off or freezing. Inhibits corrosion too.

8. What should you not use lithium grease on?

Cars and machinery are generally lubricated with lithium-based lubricants. Plastic parts shouldn’t be treated with them. Since lithium is derived from petroleum, it tends to accelerate the decay of rubber and plastic components.

9. What is the difference between white and black lithium grease?

Black greases are moly/graphite greases for severe operating conditions, while white greases are greases for food machinery.


White lithium grease is a common lubricant that is applied to a variety of door hinges. This type of grease is excellent for outdoor applications and works especially well on aluminium and timber doors, keeping them protected from corrosion.

Be sure to clean the hinges before you apply the grease so that it adheres properly. Once the grease is applied, you can expect it to repel water for about five years before you need to reapply it.

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